Health Care Components


The University is considered a "hybrid entity" under HIPAA, which means that the entire University is not subject to HIPAA. Only the University's health plans, its health care provider services, and those that may access PHI to support the plans or health care provider services are subject to HIPAA.

Health care components

These areas are referred to as "health care components." The University's health care components include:

  • UPlan
  • Boynton Health Service
  • UMD Health Services
  • Community-University Health Care Center
  • Julia M. Davis Speech Language Hearing Center
  • Medical School (TC and Duluth)
  • School of Nursing
  • College of Pharmacy
  • School of Dentistry and Dental Clinics
  • AHC Administrative Shared Services
  • AHC Centers
  • AHC-IS
  • OIT Security
  • OIC
  • OGC
  • Internal Audit
  • Office of Measurement Services
  • Athletic Training - TC
  • Disability Resource Center