Information about HIPAA Training

HIPAA Training Requirements for Employees and Students 

The University of Minnesota provides online training courses on proper handling of health information and information security. These training courses are required by HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act of 1996) regulations and the University Policy on Protected Health Information.

To be considered compliant with the University’s HIPAA Training requirement, all faculty, staff, students, and volunteers at the University of Minnesota who work in areas that have access to Protected Health Information, or who support areas that have access to this information must complete this training, even if they don't work directly with Protected Health Information. This is because these areas may have incidental contact with Protected Health Information, and because people in these areas may encounter HIPAA violations, and are required to know how to respond to these violations.

This training consists of two separate training courses that you may complete online:

All employees and students must complete both HIPAA and Information Security Awareness training to be considered compliant.

Training Equivalencies

As of November 12, 2019, no previous courses are equivalent to HIP019 HIPAA Training.  You must complete HIP019 to be considered compliant with our HIPAA training requirement.

How to Access Training 

Assigned courses are available for completion through Training Hub. See the Learner's Guide to learn how to find, enroll, and HIPAA training managed through Training Hub.

Automatic Assignment of HIP019 in Training Hub

OIT has a tool that assigns HIP019 based on student and employee affiliation with departments in the University’s “HIPAA-covered component.” Everyone who is required to complete HIPAA training will be required to complete HIP019. Current employees and students will automatically be enrolled in HIP019 and receive an email stating they are required to complete that course. New employees and students will automatically be enrolled in HIP019, and receive that same email.

University employees, students, volunteers, and anyone else will also be able to self-enroll in HIP019 by visiting

Live HIPAA Training Sessions

The Health Information Privacy & Compliance Office can provide a live HIPAA training session to your department. Anyone who attends a live HIPAA training session will be counted as having completed HIP019. A live HIPAA training session is an excellent option if you feel your group could use a HIPAA refresher or if you need a speaker for a regularly scheduled staff meeting. Please contact us to schedule a trainer.  

Our office does not offer training sessions for University Information Security Awareness Training.

Questions About Training

Trainees can get many questions about training answered by contacting Technology Help. Questions that are appropriate to ask Technology Help about include:

  • Where can I find the training courses?
  • I'm having trouble accessing the training - what do I do?
  • Where can I see the training courses assigned to me?
  • Where is the record showing the training courses I completed?
  • Why doesn't the training record show I have completed my courses?

If you have any questions about the transition from ULearn to Training Hub, please contact the Training Hub team.